Bukovel is a new and markedly developing, first in Ukraine European class hill skiing resort situated in Carpathian hills. Its construction started in 2001. In 2004 it already had 15km of skiing slopes 5 lifts and was able to serve over 180000 guests. In 2005-2011 there were still intense development and new sport objects were being built.


Currently the resort has 16 lifts (four-seated, two-seated, three-seated).The lifts in lighted slopes work until 11pm.Bukovel skiing resort has 61 skiing tracks (more than some of the Slovakian skiing resorts).12 of them blue tracks for beginners,38 red tracks for intermediate skiers and 11 black tracks for expert skiers. Another thing that makes skiing in Bukovel pleasant is that there are almost no lines at the lifts because handily set up lifts are able to service up to 30000 skiers per hour. The longest skiing slope in bukovel is 2,1 km (1.3 miles) and all the slopes put together are 50 km (31 miles) long. This skiing resort is the bigger than any other skiing resort in Poland.


The main skiing season is December-March. All season the skiing tracks are in perfect condition because of the cleaning machinery and fake snow system. There are several modern hotels and apartments located in Polyanytsya. There are also cozy restaurants and cafes, shops. There is a night club and a health center near the resort. Active holiday lovers are attracted not only by skiing tracks but also by the magnificent view.



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For six years our company has organized ski trips to Bukovel ski resort. We have provided a great active holiday to hundreds of customers.

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